It’s A Matter of Style by Gigi Johnson


Spring/Summer season, The Limited will not let us down

As a Fashion Stylist, I must confess that I have always had a love affair with The Limited stores. With its classic looks, modern approach, and timeless pieces, The geniuses behind The Limited have found the magic formula to keep us coming back for more. To me, it is no coincidence that their concept was first started as an initiative to be limited only to women of young age. However, striving for perfection, The formula has evolved to encompass a greater range of age groups that all have the same common purpose and desire: to look sophisticated but youthful.

Taking this in consideration, it is no wonder that I make it an obligatory stop in my daily rounds of shopping. Not only do I find great value and designs, but this store is one of the places where I find the latest tendencies without falling outside of the classic look. As you can imagine, this is a very difficult combination to achieve successfully.

This is the reason why we have chosen The Limited to be our first feature, it is a classic icon that cannot go wrong. And we are very lucky to have them our cities. With its chic ambiance, lovely displays and warm and cheerful staff, entering the stores truly feels like we have arrived at our dream closets.

For this Spring/Summer season, The Limited will not let us down; their new collection is as easy-going, relaxed and beautiful as ever. The Spring proposals brings us seamless lines, perfect construction, soft colors and simple patterns that will be fashionable many years from now. In reality, we are looking at great investment, because as I always say “there is no second chance for a great first impression” and as it so happens, our clothes speak for us even before we speak for ourselves.

It is a difficult task to choose only three looks from The Limited’s new collection, but every time we shop we must first think about our personal lives, how do we spend our time and hence we will know what we need. Our closets and our lives have to be in sync and harmony. In order to achieve that, we have decided to feature three specific looks that will fit perfectly into every closet. 

A spring ready casual look is a must in every closet! Ideally when you want to walk out looking great in a casual look, you also would like to spend less time choosing your outfit as possible. Creating a foundation of neutral colors, simple cuts, and elegant styles will do just that for you. Lucky for us, these are the elements most easy to find at The Limited. Linen blazers in breezy colors like Light Pink as well as printed Hi-Low tanks will add a certain “high-end” polish to your casual looks. Moreover, these styles will carry you comfortably into the next season: Summer.

For our ideal casual look, The Limited offers an outfit with basic pieces like the charming and sweet short sleeve Ashton blouse. This is a staple piece in any wardrobe as it can easily navigate from a casual and comfortable look, to a soft, yet powerful statement in the Boardroom, under any business jacket or on it’s own. Next we find exquisitely made Lace Tailored Shorts in white, another must article for the warm days ahead. With its clean lines and color, these shorts are sure to be one of your favorites of the season. Not only are these shorts fresh and casual, they also are designed to fit and flatter any figure. When dressing casually we always have the option of bringing up our game by adding one of The Limited’s spectacular jackets or blazers. Layers are always a great option when choosing our outfits, especially in a climate such as in South Florida, when sometimes we have to go from the warm streets into an air-conditioned environment. The Hero Jacket and the Cotton One Button Jacket in Tan are great options.

Complement your look with some of the statement pieces from The Limited; such as the Flap Front Satchel Bag, and the Metal Arc Necklace and you are ready to tackle your day! One of the great benefits of shopping at The Limited is that each outfit can be worn in pretty much any occasion. From casual, to career, to social styles. Today’s working woman wears many hats and tackles many goals each day. For our career style, we like something comfortable, yet fashionable and beautiful. It is also very important to reflect authority with our overall look. For our career style, The limited offers many options such as the beautiful Graphic Floral Shift Dress. Celebrating the season, the prints on this dress call for someone with a sophisticated taste and a perfectly balanced life. Top it off with the Cotton One Button Jacket, and you have achieved a successful look that blends perfectly with any professional environment in South Florida.

When thinking of accessories for a professional outfit, it is best to minimize, and consider more polished options. A string of pearls could be an excellent option for a family oriented event, and for this option perhaps a more clean-cut piece like the Metal Knot Necklace is a better fit. 

When it comes to socializing, South Florida women always look their best. Blessed with fantastic weather year round, we can find many spectacular options at The Limited. One of my favorite pieces is the Lace Overlay Dress. this elegant dress is bound to give you a boost of confidence. It combines many simple elements of style in one design; note that we have been seeing lace in many of the designs of the latest seasons, and this dress is a perfect way to make a statement that clearly, you are a modern, sophisticated yet romantic and classic woman. When styling a halter top dress such as this one, it is important to remember that less is best! Pair this elegant look with The Limited’s Pearl Back Double Sided Stud Earrings and the Stack Look Pavé Hinge Bracelet for a winning ensemble.

Styling any look can be complicated, but if you have help from the limitless options at The Limited you already have a formula for success.

Happy Shopping! Cherchez Gigi 

Gigi Johnson

About the Author: Gigi Johnson is a Fashion Stylist and Image Consultant based in Coral Gables, FL and Santo Domingo, D.R.  Contact her at