Kidding Around by Gigi Johnson


Summer is here and the big question is what to do with our children! 

While we wait for summer camps information, and activities suggestions, let’s get ready for what promises to be a pleasant, South Florida Summer. 

Just like the adults, Florida children are lucky to live in a year round state of summer bliss! and as such, we should always keep this in mind when choosing outfits for them.

Dressing older children, or the self described “Tweens” (not Kids, not Teens… more like in between) can be a challenging enterprise! but if you follow a few tips, you can save yourself a lot of headaches, and hours of shopping and fitting room madness.

1. Less is MORE! 

When in doubt, get the simplest option. Older kids might like a little vintage wording on a t-shirt here and there, but most of them want to forget the years of cute cats and tiny blonde dolls in everything they wore.

2. Just a little “Grown Up” 

Humor them when they want to look a bit more sophisticated. A two piece ensemble shows that the kid has style! and the brains to put it together.

3. Respect their personal taste:

Just like us, when we were children, our kids want their clothing to reflect just who they are. With careful supervision, let them feel in charge of their own image.

4. Mind the Weather! 

Sometimes we really want our children to look like perfect little darlings taken right out of a Mother Goose book… but in Miami, you must mind the heat! So opt for simple designs, fresh cotton fabrics and you will be considered an expert Children’s Fashion Stylist in no time!

Happy Shopping! Gigi

Photographer: Caribe Studio 

Model: Alexa Jaide Ott   – Fashion Stylist: Gigi Johnson

About the Author: Gigi Johnson is a Fashion Stylist and Image Consultant based in Coral Gables, FL and Santo Domingo, D.R.  Contact her at