Summer of 2017… Oh the memories!

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Summer of 2017… Oh the memories!
The summer is here, but soon our children are back to school and eager to share in their experiences and summer adventures with their friends! Surely all parents can relate to the excitement of coming back to school, sporting brand new school supplies, backpacks and dapper new uniforms. But we all know this eagerness won’t last long… soon we will all be perfectly adapted to our rituals and routines of every year. What does change and will last a lifetime are the memories our children were able to create during their summer vacation. What spots were visited? who did they meet? where they introduced to old relatives? or did they spend a quiet, uneventful summer at home? Resting and eating and although maybe complaining of the endless boredom, fearing of that first day of school soon approaching. These minute details might seem like nothing to us, but to our children they are what will shape their personalities and desires in the future.
Here are some tips to make sure these memories are preserved, and Pictures! real, tangible, actual Pictures!: Nobody prints pictures any more! with a visit to your nearest pharmacy, you’ll be able to use your camera phone to print out some of the great summer memories! You don’t need to print many, a few will do. You can even print duplicates and frame your favorites as a daily reminder of your their summer vacation.
Keep in touch! Children are malleable, so they can easily forget a new friendship or you can instill that sense of community by having them write an actual letter to their relatives or friends with whom they might have reconnected during the summer.
Mementos: Create a scrapbook or Memory box with the printed photos and mementos picked up along the way. Even if all you did was take them to see that summer blockbuster, seeing that ticket stub years later will bring them back to the Summer of 2017.
If you did travel somewhere, have them research about the place they visited. It can be online or the Library. Ask them if they agree with what they have found, or if there is anything they would include based on their experiences. If you were not able to travel, take an afternoon to research with them places where they might like to visit! It will bring you closer together. Bringing up your summer memories during dinner, or car rides is a wonderful way to initiate a conversation with your child, create common goals and be more united as a family.
Gigi Johnson

About the Author: Gigi Johnson is a Fashion Stylist and Image Consultant based in Coral Gables , FL and Santo Domingo, D.R.