Tips for a Healthy Glowing Skin by Chiqui Rodriguez


Why is it that the tighter our schedules get, the looser our skin feels? 

Not to mention that nowadays, the skin care aisles seems endlessly filled with rows and rows of countless products that all claim to be better than the next.  Let’s not even mention the prices! What’s worse is that we don’t’ even know what works! I’m no dermatologist, but I want to share with you ideas and tips that have worked for me, in the spirit of skin preservation.

Your skin reveals a lot about you and how you treat your body.  Healthy skin is often one of the main components that make us attractive.  Having said that, it is important to work on your overall health conditions in order to maintain healthy skins.  As we age, our skin gets more fragile and prone to wrinkles.  The environment and the food we consume, play a big role in keeping our skin healthy, yet the process of deterioration could be slowed down if we take the following tips into consideration.


Consume organic whole foods as much as possible.  Although convenient, processed foods come with a low price, it also brings an array of preservatives and additives that interfere with the natural absorption of nutrients and creates body swollenness.  A whole food diet provides us with natural fibers and nutrients that promotes skin health.


Drinking plenty of water makes our skin radian and help us delay wrinkles.  Another aspect of hydrating is the elimination of toxins from our body, which also translates into healthy skin.


Excess sun exposure promotes skin damage, and increases the risk of skin cancer.  Protect your skin from the environment by moisturizing and using the right protection when sunbathing or performing any outside activity.


Finally, prevent further damage establishing a nurturing routine that includes the right nutrient and protection for your skin type.  Also, take into consideration other agents that promote skin damage, such as coffee, alcohol, cigarettes.  Keep these damaging promoting agent at bay, and you will be on your way to healthy, growing skin.