10 things you should know about doing what you love and following your dreams by Kramer Cruz


When I was a young boy, I heard the adults in my family talk a lot about what they would do if they ever won the lottery. They would smile ear to ear, and talk about the things they would buy, the places they would move to, and the house they would live in. It was a great moment to dream and fantasize about a better life. But the moment was soon over, and it was back to “reality”. They didn’t have $10 million dollars. They had food stamps. To me that was the adult way of playing “pretend”.

When I was in network marketing, I gave a lot of people an opportunity to build their own business, and build financial independence for themselves, and their families for generations to come. You know what? Most of those people didn’t believe it. They looked at the opportunity, and they said “that’s not possible”. Yet, invariably when I asked those same people what they would do if they won the lottery? They all had answers for me. Interesting.

Money is not the motive for many people who pursue their love and build big businesses. Passion is their motive. Some people find talks about passion cheesy. Those people may or may not be broke, but they’re certainly unhappy. We all have a passion for something, and if we aren’t living that dream, we’re a little dead inside. I don’t mind telling you. Some of you may have thought about turning that dream into a reality. Others may have even attempted it.

Those who’ve attempted it can attest to the fact that it’s often very difficult to get it going. Not even for reasons you might expect like not having money, or not having experience. Those things are more easily managed. But the insane amount of random “bad luck” that comes our way the moment we say “hey I’m going to live my dream!” Life says “oh no you don’t! Get back here!” And you fall flat on your ass. Some people are lucky if they make it far enough to fall at all!

Most people are trumped at the genesis of their idea! They’ll be sitting at their desk at work, and the thought of owning their own bakery enters their mind. Just before they put their imaginary store sign up… “hey Johnson! I need those reports immediately!”

In the words of L Ron Hubbard, “this is a tough universe. Only the tigers survive, and even they have a hard time”.

We need mental toughness to withstand the “bad luck”. We need winners in our circle of friends. We need a def ear to the naysayers, a blind eye to the distractions and a closed fist to the barriers. I don’t know why the game is so challenging. I don’t know why it can’t be easy. But I’m not going to sit and cry about it. I’m going to accept it and deal with it. Here are the facts:

  1. No one is going to give you anything
  2. Your life is going to blow up the moment you start taking action toward your dreams
  3. You will be scared
  4. You’re not going to die
  5. Your desire will be tested
  6. You will pay a price (set it in advance)
  7. You will lose friends and gain new ones
  8. People will disagree with you
  9. You will fail
  10. You will win if you persist

-This is Life in the Leap

Kramer Cruz

About the author: Kramer Cruz is a self-help author, personal success coach, public speaker, and Blogger of Life In The Leap, Kramer prides himself in providing his clients the best he has to offer.

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