Tips to protect your hair this summer by Chiqui Rodriguez


Summer is here and with it comes the heat, the beach, outdoor events, and many family gatherings.  Since our hair is an essential component of our image, and in the effort of looking our best, we place a high demand on our hair by excessive washing, drying, and styling.  Exposed to constant abuse, sometimes it seems impossible to keep our hair healthy and beautiful.

There are many natural, affordable, and easy ways we could follow to protect and enjoy our summer outings and keep our hair healthy.   Our main goal should be to nurture our hair with good nutrition, protect it by avoiding certain destructive patterns, and prevent damage, by banning the use of harmful products.  I encourage you to look at the following helpful tips to prevent further harm to your hair while enjoying the summer season.


Beauty comes from the inside out, and in that spirit, we need to consume nutrients that help us in the process of nurturing not only our hair, but our entire body.  Eat food high in protein such as eggs, and yogurt, good fats such as coconut oil and olive oil, vegetables; and low sugar fruits, along with a good B vitamins complex supplement; which helps in the process of hair growth.  Whenever possible, do not forget to choose organic food as they tend to contain less hormones, and additives than regular food.  In order to prevent more stress on your body, eat regular meals, and give yourself ample time to plan meals that includes food that help your hair grow. Finally, remember to drink plenty of water to keep your whole body hydrated.


Some of the culprits that promotes damage to our hair include the constant washing, drying and styling. It is important to take into consideration the following steps in the process of protecting our hair.  First, when washing your hair, use high quality products that condition your hair, and if possible, don’t keep your wet hair tied up or braided for a long period of time.  Handle wet hair with care and eliminate the use of combs and plastic brushes that break your hair.  Second, avoid the prolonged use of hair dryers.  Hair dryers cause irreparable damage to your hair such as split ends and burned hair sections; therefore, it is important to use the proper heat level when drying your hair to prevent permanent damages.  Third, when using a drying conditioner, make sure the product keeps its promise of conditioning and protecting while heat activated.   Finally, when styling your hair, limit the use of hair gels, mousses, and sprays.  The continued use of styling product weakens the hair follicles and promote hair loss.


Preventing future hair damage is essential to maintain its beauty and health.  It is important to use hair conditioner, and arm ourselves with the right products to make our hair strong and prevent hair loss.  I love the use of natural remedies and masks over chemicals and processed products.  Use natural oils, and homemade masks to strengthen and condition your hair.   Avocado and honey masks are a natural and affordable way to help your hair shine and grow.   Natural oils, like coconut and olive oil, applied twice a week for thirty minutes on your hair is another way to condition your hair naturally.  If you choose to use conventional products, look for those that have fewer chemicals as part of their ingredients. Also, avoid overloading your hair with too many different products.  It is best to stick to the brand that has given you good results in the past.

I hope these tips help you protect and nurture your hair.  I can wait to share with you my next beauty tip.

Until next time, Chiqui Rodriguez for SWtheMag