Pisco y Nazca – Ceviche Gastrobar by Ray Raposo

Pisco y Nazca – Ceviche Gastrobar features a modern twist to typical Peruvian cuisine. The unusual name, which has been quite hard for me to learn, comes from Peru… Pisco is a Peruvian city known for a grape brandy of the same name. Nazca is a town on Peru’s southern coast which also features Pisco brandy.
Writer Ray with wife Peg and friends Marilyn and Rick Smit enjoying the restaurant. 
Four of us visited the restaurant situated in The Palms at Town & Country in Kendall on a recent night to celebrate my best friend Rick’s birthday. The large eatery is a vibrant place featuring a circular bar area near the front surrounded by many tables and an open front kitchen area. They also have a few tables outside the restaurant, which sits on a walking only section of The Palms. It’s all part of this large shopping center which features a few chain restaurants like Outback Steakhouse, and Cadillac Ranch. There’s also a large man-made lake with a crossing bridge nearby, perfect for a nice walk after dinner. They also have another Pisco y Nazca restaurant in Doral.
If you’re a lover of sea food, like my buddy, you’re in heaven here as several of their dishes feature not just fish (like snapper) and shrimp, but octopus and squid. But meat lovers are also in luck, as the menu also includes churrasco, grilled skirt steak, short ribs, grilled chicken, angus burger and pulled pork. The menu features lots of small plates and entrees with a big selection of ceviches. The Ceviches feature several fish or shrimp based treats, and Nikkei (tuna) with passion fruit, wasabi peas or sweet potato some of the accompaniments. The cost range mostly from $9.00 to $15.00. depending if you want a small or large version of each dish. The Starters are called “La Previa” and feature lots of sea creatures from shrimp to octopus along with the more tame beef, chicken, pork and even mac & cheese. All served with very artistic complimentary ingredients. Entrees are named “Seguimos” (or we continue), they range from $10.00 to $30.00 and feature items like braised short ribs, seared salmon, rice with seafood, churrasco and the interesting Pisco Macho (squid ink noodles, clams, mussels, shrimp, corvina with a rich macho sauce. All of the dishes including desserts have their own interesting twist on ingredients and accompaniments; it might be a quinoa salad or a lima bean tacu tacu. Every dish we ordered, from octopus to rice with seafood was quite tasty and well seasoned with interesting sides.
Since people order anything from appetizers, ceviches or entrees at first, and some dishes are for sharing… make sure everyone orders something right away, regardless. If you just want just a main course you might end up waiting a for a while before you receive your meal. So specify that is your only order at the start and that you want it along with the starters others are receiving. You can always order more dishes later regardless of what category they happen to be. When told to the waiter that it was my friend’s birthday, he received a chocolate dome dessert along with a candle on top, a nice sweet treat at the end of our meal.
A Miami Spice Menu Dinner for $39.00 gives you an appetizer and main course dinner, plus a dessert choice. They are open for Brunch, Lunch and Dinner. They also features full bar drinks, numerous wines and a huge selection of beers.
Pisco y Nazca – Ceviche Gastrobar is located at The Palms in Town & Country, at 8405 Mills Drive, Number 260, next to Blue Martini. The center is just east of Florida’s Turnpike’s Kendall Drive exit and just west of SW 117th Avenue. You can call for reservations at 305-630-3844, or visit their website at www.piscoynazca.com