New Music by Miami Based Kingslynn. Article by Brad Steele


Kingslynn, a Miami based alternative, 80’s infused and inspired synthwave band is eagerly awaiting the official release of their first LP entitled “Into The White Light” on November 10th, 2017

The album’s first video, “Give It Up” is a collaborated take on the meaning of the song lyrics. The music video focuses on a group of dancers who are fed up with the current routine and eventually break out of their rut and work together to achieve success. The dancers and actors lip sync in the entire video, adding to the emotion of the track.

Founding members, Michael Blanco, Evelyn Grace Blanco and David Molina have crafted a spectacular array of sounds and melodies over the past two years for their debut album. “Give It Up” being among their favorites became an obvious choice as a lead video for the upcoming album.

A song with a catchy, bass-heavy track that is infectious from the beginning to end, “Give It Up” also carries the some of the smoothest vocals from singer Evelyn Grace Blanco. She revealed some of those details to SW, “I worked for weeks to get the pronunciations and cadence of my voice to sound as clear and full of life as possible. I was afraid to unleash my voice, but have really come into my own and feel as confident as ever today.”

With the help of additional musicians on guitars and drum work, professional mixing and editing, their collective hard work is clear. A focused and poignant sound is clearly detailed throughout the entire album. Michael Blanco, the bassist and back-up vocalist shared his thoughts on the album. “I haven’t been this excited about the band since we released our first EP in 2012. This is really our best work to date.”

Kingslynn founding members David Molina, Evelyn Grace Blanco and Michael Blanco
Kingslynn has released two EPs, Steady in 2014 and Dreamer in 2012.
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Article by Brad Steele