The Crépe Connection Café, Paris in West Kendall by Ray Raposo

Our most recent visit on a Friday night
The Crépe Connection Café is a delicious little piece of Paris, France on the Tamiami Trail in West Kendall. Once you walk inside, the warm decor filled with items and photos of iconic Parisian scenes and the wonderful aroma will magically transport you to Paris. There’s an eclectic mix of tables and decorations which add not just charm, but you’ll realize you’re not in some typical chain restaurant.
From their dinner crepes to their dessert crepes, all are created with a variety of savory fillings and an assortment of sweet toppings. All dishes are made right there in their open kitchen. They consistently provide delicious handmade crepes cooked individually on traditional french crepe irons. They also feature salads and sandwiches, and the most imaginative homemade soups you’ll ever taste. All their ingredients are high quality using only organic produce, fresh beef and free range chicken. They offer all kinds of coffees, expressos and different flavored syrups to add to any drink. There are also teas, beer as well as a variety of unusual wines and mixed drinks. My wife and friends enjoy an occasional Cosmo, although the cappuccinos are our favorite anywhere.
One of my favorite dinner crepes is the Tropical Chicken with pineapple chunks and diced ham with sautéed onions and mushrooms. Another is the grilled Teriyaki Steak crepe, also with sautéed onions, peppers and mushrooms. Or the Chicken a la Fromage which is topped with cheese, mojito and a vidalia onion sauce. You can custom order any of the dishes to suit your particular tastes in ingredients. When in the mood for a sweet dessert crepe, the Dirty Monkey, filled with sliced bananas, chocolate or caramel and topped with powdered sugar and whipped cream, is one of my favorites. Several other crepes featuring strawberries are also excellent. For a flaming show you can order the Suzette Flaméed, where the crepe is submerged in fresh orange and lemon juice, topped with Grand Mariner, cinnamon and sugar and set a flame. My mouth is watering just thinking about these incredible treats. And trust me all these outstanding meals will give you the French-Paris taste experience, at a much more affordable price! They also offer a Two for $25 Tuesday: Two eat for $25. which includes two side salads, two entrées and one dessert with ice cream to share.


Owner and chef Gleny Saavedra has been making these delicious meals here since they opened their doors in September 2006. Adding to the warm, home like atmosphere, has been getting to know Gleny, her tech-wiz husband Juan (Johnny), their two studious daughters and her Mom. All of them have helped out around the cafe in one way or another over all these years.

Owner and chef Gleny Saavedra at work
You can bring your laptop or use one of their computer stations as they offer free internet access through a secure wireless/wired broadband connection. It’s a great safe place to surf the internet, catch up on news or get some work done while enjoying a tasty drink. They also have a large book collection you can browse while you wait for your meal while listening to music. They also offer a Kid’s Menu as well as Take-Out if you can’t stay and enjoy the wonderful cafe ambiance.
We’ve been enjoying The Crépe Connection Café for 12 years now, we often bring family members and friends, most of whom end up going back on their own after discovering this wonderful place where you’ll be transported to a quaint Paris bistro every time.
My photo of Paris’ Eiffel Tower.

One of my all time favorite photographs I’ve taken hangs on their wall, it’s a night shot of Paris’ iconic Eiffel Tower from the Trocadero… Visiting The Crépe Connection Café always takes me back to Paris, France, my favorite city to visit. Don’t miss it.

The Crépe Connection Café is located at 14264 SW 8th Street, Miami, FL
For small parties you don’t need reservations, for Private Events, hours and other information call 305-485-0085.
You can check out their website for a complete menu at