Enjoying Flanigan’s Seafood Bar and Grill by Ray Raposo

Enjoying Flanigan's Baby Back Ribs with cousins, (l to r) Miguel, Carmen, Kevin M., son Brad, Kevin O. and writer Ray

Flanigan’s Seafood Bar and Grill is a South Florida institution with over 23 locations along the East coast. Although seafood is in the name and they serve all kinds of fish, they are most famous for their legendary Baby Back Ribs. We’ve been dining at Flanigan’s for years and have enjoyed eating at this unique restaurant no matter the location. The decor at all their establishments is the same, that of a fisherman’s den, with lots of wood, mounted big fish on the walls, fishing lures in cases, plus photos of fishermen, and usually a fish tank with small live fish. There are lots of flat screen TVs throughout with whatever sports games happen to be taking place. Besides their resin wood topped booths tables, there’s always a large rectangular bar with stools all around. The lighting is always on the dark side giving it that bar vibe. It is usually loud, so don’t expect a quiet romantic spot.

Flanigan’s Half Rack Baby Back Ribs, with a Sour Creme topped Baked Potato and a side of creamy Cole Slaw.
The extensive Menu at Flanigan’s features Starters from Chicken Wings to Garlic Rolls, from Mozzarella Sticks to Nachos, from Tumbleweed Onions to Chowders and Soups. They also serve big Sandwiches from Philly Cheese Steaks to all kinds of Fish Sandwiches, like Dolphin, Tuna and Salmon. Prices run from $9.00 to $10.00. If you’re in the mood for a big burger they offer several different combinations as well. The Seafood is always fresh from Fried Shrimp to Dolphin Francaise, or any type of cooking: broiled, blackened, deep fried or grilled… all delicious. They also offer different styles of Tilapia, Grilled Salmon or Aioli Tuna. Most seafood prices range from the mid teens. For meat lovers there’s the 12 Oz. Prime Rib, the N.Y. Strip or the Rib Eye. Barbecued Chicken or Chicken Strips are available. Meat item prices all run under $20.00. Every type of Salad from Caesar to Pasta and numerous combinations. Speaking of Pasta, they offer some delicious combinations, Cajun Shrimp Pasta, Lemon Chicken Pasta and Shrimp Scampi to name some. Then of course there are the Ribs. They serve their Award Winning Baby Back Ribs as a Full Rack for $19.49 or a Half Rack for $14.99. The grilled meat is fall-off-the-bone tender and covered with their special barbecue sauce. All Flanigan’s entrees come with a choice of Potato (baked or fries) or Rice and a delicious complimentary Cole Slaw cup. The Baby Back Ribs are so, so, so very good, that its hard to ever order anything else.
The photos covered walls
Ray at Bird Road location.
Buddy Rick with Ribs, Fries and his wine

As far as Drinks, the huge green plastic Flanigan’s cup full of Coke or Iced Tea is a keeper. They also offer a full assortment of Liquors and their Signature Martinis; all types of Beers, both bottled and draft; and a really large selection of all kinds of Wines, not just red or white. It’s hard not to find what drink you’re in the mood for at Flanigan’s. If you have any room left for something sweet, Flanigan’s also offers Desserts. Their is The Banzai Brownie for $8.49, a Key Lime Pie, a Chocolate Ecstasy and a Dulce de Leche Cheesecake that melts in your mouth, most cost only $5.99.

Flanigan’s prides themselves with the majority of the Menu featuring Homemade items, and always using fresh ingredients. They boast that they have No Microwave Ovens in their kitchens. Flanigan’s also offers many Daily Specials and Happy Hour deals: There’s Mexican Monday with Free Loaded Nachos to Wednesday’s 10 Free Wings to Weekend Sports Specials of up to 50% Off on Beer, Liquor and Wine. Just check their website for the different daily Specials and the restrictions.
Not just South Floridians, but many other areas since the 1960s came to know Flanigan’s Big Daddy liquor lounges and their namesake, Joe “Big Daddy” Flanigan, their tremendous popularity and eventual financial problems in the 1980s. However the company has been a total success after concentrating on Flanigan’s restaurants since the 1990s.
Years ago: Ray with sons Ryan, Brad and the Legend himself, Joe “Big Daddy” Flanigan at the Kendall Drive location.

Over the many years of visiting Flanigan’s I’ve tried most of the items on the Menu, specially the Fish dishes, and can attest to just how savory everything they serve tastes. But man, those Ribs are so delicious, my family and I keep coming back to them over and over. And obviously we’re not alone, they sell over a million pounds of Ribs per year. It’s no wonder that there’s usually a wait outside any Flanigan’s you visit, specially on a Friday or Saturday night. But those Ribs make it a must!

The Bird Rd. location recently expanded, taking over the liquor store and adding more much needed parking on 27th Ave.
You can check Flanigan’s website at www.flanigans.net for locations, Menus, hours and any other information.