Artist Silvia Garcia-Castro

Artist Silvia Garcia-Castro

Silvia’s Work 

Silvia Garcia-Castro’s work depicts the duality on her Cuban heritage and american upbringing.  She is a talented artist whose compositions beautifully illustrate the compile emotions on her cross-cultural background.

Her Paintings raise expressionism and surrealism to a new level.  

The marriage of her technique and color palette reflects a veritable feast of color gracefully executed with technical precision.  Silvia’s’ work evokes great sensitivity and appreciation of heartfelt sentiments coupled with a profound spirituality.  She is a true believer of all things sublime and beautiful.

If asked, Silvia will tell you that she paints eyes and the eyes are indeed what seduce the holder into following the path that she has laid before you.

Silvia Garcias-Castro’s collectors and critics have described her work as spiritual, intense, whimsical, innocent and elegant.

This visionary artist’s collection may be found throughout the United States and Europe.

Her painting have been exhibited in galleries, museums and art festivals.



Silvia at Coral Gables Art Festival 2018


Silvia Garcia-Castro

Miami Florida

Phone: (305) 389-7134