El Chamán Peruvian Cuisine in West Kendall by Ray Raposo

El Chamán Peruvian Cuisine is located way inside a West Kendall Shopping Center and you could drive by it for years and not know that it’s there. However those that have found this restaurant gem keep coming back for more.
Our group at our round table: Violet, Carlos, Peg, Ray, Jack and Gisela
Six good friends recently met for dinner, some of us have been to El Chamán a few times over the years. “El Chamán” in the Incas history was one of the most powerful men in the entire empire with many powers, specially those related to the Earth and Bounty.
The restaurant is owned and operated by Chef Walter Kopp and his Peruvian wife Marianella. While born, raised and culinary trained in Austria, Walter has experience working at numerous high-end establishments, including both the Fontainebleau and Airport Hiltons. He was Executive Sous Chef at the renowned El Conquistador Hotel in San Juan, Puerto Rico and it’s 16 restaurants. He also worked his Executive Chef magic at Las Casitas Resorts as well as Wyndam Resort on Miami Beach. After another 5 years at the Luxury Resorts umbrella, he opened El Chamán in 2008, fusing his creative skills and 25 years of Chef experience with his passion for Peruvian culture and food. The restaurant’s decor offers some of that Peruvian art and culture on the walls.
Their Dinner Menu Offerings are as follow: Under Cold Appetizers they offer a few items including Octopus with whipped potatoes; Lime treated Shrimp, Tuna or Chicken; Fried Yuca; and Mussels stuffed with tomatoes, corn and onions. Hot Appetizers include Skewers of Marinated Veal Heart; Calamari Rings, Baked Scallops and Mini Gallina Empanadas.
Of course they offer many types of Ceviches. Fish, Shrimp and Seafood are marinated in fine lime juice, red onions, ahi limo and served with sweet potato, corn and cancha. They also offer combination Ceviches with choices of Scallops, Lobster, Shrimp, Crab, Calamari, Octopus and Fish.
Peg and writer Ray with their meals.
Soups, in a Cup or Bowl include a Lobster Bisque, a Peruvian Shrimp Bisque with White Cheese and Rice; and a Main Dish Seafood Casserole.
Jack and Gisela and their dishes
Under the Fish and Seafood Menu they have some delicious entrees. Pan Fried Fish Fillet prepared in a variety of ways; Salmon Steak with Mashed Potatoes and Spinach; Shrimp in Creamy Garlic Sauce with Rice or Fried Yuca; Whole Snapper; and Mahi & Jumbo Shrimp. Prices range from the teens to mid twenties.
Some delicious Risotto dishes include Calamari & Shrimp; Fish, Crab and Shrimp; Beef Tenderloins; and Fillet Mignon with Lobster tail.
Violet and Carlos and their dishes
But don’t think they only offer Seafood dishes… They have Beef and Chicken dishes as well on the Menu. Different Filet Mignon dishes, Tips fried with Onions, Tomatoes, Steamed Rice and Fries; plus Medallions with Fried Rice and Crispy Plantains. Pan Seared Chicken Breast in a Quinoa Souffle & Portobello Mushrooms; and a Linguini with Churrasco Steak & Golden Potatoes.
They also offer several Rice Bowls, all Peruvian style with either Chicken, Beef, Shellfish or Shrimp with prices in the teens.
There’s a smaller Lunch Menu also with choices of Seafood or Chicken Salads, smaller dishes and Sandwiches, all priced in the low teens. And special meal deals are offered on Wednesdays and Thursdays.
The restaurant’s entertainment, singer and musician
The locale is intimate, and while not tiny, it’s not large by any means. They offer Live Music, which while very entertaining, can be a bit loud. Try not sitting too close to the musician’s speakers, specially if you’re trying to have a conversation with others in your party. The talented Musician sits and plays by the front next to a small bar area to the right upon entering.
While there has been a tremendous growth in Peruvian restaurants popping up all over Miami and the Kendall area, don’t miss trying this one, you’ll be sure to keep coming back for more.
Some of the Peruvian inspired wall decor
For Special Events, like Mother’s Day, they offer a set price Menu with everything included.
El Chamán also offers catering which you can check out on their website at: http://www.elchaman.com
El Chamán Peruvian Cuisine is located at 14241 SW 42 Street, Miami, FL 33175
Call for Reservations at: 305-229-5133