How Digital Marketing Transformed One Bank Executive’s Life

Photo by Tim Bennett

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This week I’m telling the stories of three Miami business owners who are Striving for Something Bigger.

Today I want to introduce you to Lula Folgosa.

Lula Folgosa
Realtor at Keller Williams

Lula was born in Cuba. She moved to the US in 1959… then to Spain… then to the Philippines. While her family kept moving in search of a better life, Lula longed for a stable home.

After a career at Citibank as a Regional Vice President for Marketing, Lula decided to pursue her true passion: To help people, particularly immigrants, find a stable home.

“It’s why our parents sacrificed and moved here,” said Lula, a realtor at Keller Williams. “My happiest time is when I give a family a key to their first home.”

But like many realtors, Lula struggled to find potential buyers. The traditional techniques of fliers, cold calls and open houses just weren’t working. She took BizHack’s course to learn a new approach. Under the guidance of her marketing coach, she built a sleek new landing page and an email sequence that communicated her passion for the job. The leads started rolling in, and haven’t stopped.

My advice to realtors looking to use digital advertising to attract more buyersTake a similar approach to Lula. Ditch the template used by your brokerage firm and create a customized landing page for each of your new property listings.   Your page needs to be attractive and easy to read, with photos and videos.

Photo by Tim Bennett

And it should have a conspicuous form where interested buyers can input their contact information to learn more. Then spend advertising dollars promoting the listing using Facebook and Google ads that direct people to the landing page. That in addition to everything you usually do: email alerts, open houses, fliers and calls. In this way, you’ll be able to attract new prospective buyers and stay in touch with your network of existing buyers.

Now Lula uses Facebook ads to promote all of her properties. And her social media outreach landed her a new $1 million listing. 

 This course transformed my life,” Lula said. “I learned not only all the techniques of social media but a lot about myself. I truly recommend it to anyone who wants to succeed in their business.”

Tomorrow I’ll share the story of former Burger King marketing exec Kim Miller, who’s now helping restaurants of all sizes franchise.

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