Fratellino, Italian restaurant perfection on Miracle Mile by Ray Raposo


Four of us had a fantastic time with great food, lovely atmosphere, and a friendly staff. The Italian restaurant features some covered tables outside and two rows of tables on either sides of the long space’s walls. Those walls are decorated with family portrait photos framed in black. There’s and overall black and white decor theme except for a salmon colored back wall. There’s also a small bar area at the back of the long space.

Enjoying the meal are SW writer Ray and wife Peg Raposo

Celebrating a retirement we were first treated to flutes of Prosecco wine ordered beforehand by our friends. We were then served the delicious warm fresh bread and a tasty ripened tomato with basil treat. The Menu is extensive and there are several daily specials as well. Salads rare priced from $9. for the Caesar, to others in the teens and the octopus with tricolor salad, big enough for sharing, for $21. Soups, like the Pasta e Fagioli, are $8. Most appetizers from Carpaccio to Calamari are priced in in the mid teens.

Our good friends Alex and Madeline Collazo

There are at least nine Pasta dishes (plus the Specials), and they cost mostly in the high teens, like the Spaghetti all Bolognese or Carbonera, others like the Fettuccine all Papalina costs $21. Their pricier Risotto dishes run $29 for the Funghi Porcini and the Pescatora for $35. They also feature chicken, meat and fish dishes, mostly from the mid $20s to the most expensive Sea Bass and the Branzino all Livornese in the high $30s. Four styles of chicken, from Francece to Parmigiana and for Meat dishes from Fillet Mignon all Gorgonzola for $35. to the Veal Medallions with Portobello Mushrooms just $27. They also feature an extensive wine list.

All the dishes we ordered on this visit were delicious. The Spaghetti alla Bolognese and the perfectly cooked special Lasagna with bechamel sauce, had large portions. The spinach pasta with large shrimp and the pasta with ham, mushrooms and peas, also a large serving and quite tasty. We topped it off sharing a sinful apple tart with vanilla ice cream and caramel. Our friends also had coffee and expresso. 

Writer Ray with owner Beto

The evening was made even more special by the warm charm of owner Beto Dicarlo, who engaged us with fun stories and conversation. A lovely time at a fine restaurant on Miracle Mile we can surely recommend.

Happy couples after a lovely meal by entrance of restaurant

Fratellino – 264 Miracle Mile, Coral Gables, Florida 33134 – For Reservations call: 786-452-0068